Burnished (unpolished) Baby Teething Necklace Cognac – Poland's Best Amber
Burnished (unpolished) Baby Teething Necklace Cognac

Burnished (unpolished) Baby Teething Necklace Cognac

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The design of this necklace makes it one of the most effective, if not the most effective, baby teething necklace for soothing pain.

The beads are made from pure, raw, tumble semi- polished Natural Baltic Amber.They are called burnished beads or semi-polished beads. (These beads are often incorrectly called raw amber beads. No beads are raw.( See What Is Raw Amber. Click Here.)

A necklace's effectiveness depends on its ability to transfer the medically active pain soothing ingredient, succinic acid, to the wearer's skin. Burnished beads have pores that draw the succinic acid not only from the bead surface but also deeper down where the succinic acid has not been removed by polishing.

Burnished bead necklaces are more effective than necklaces that have polished beads. The polishing closes the pores.

For maximum effect, get an open pored bead. One that is burnished. This necklace is what you want.

And always remember, it is not the color. It is the bead that makes a difference.

Choose this one for pain relief and a polished one for decorative jewelry.

This necklace is about 32 cm ( about 12.6 inches )  from screw clasp tip to tip.  The beads are baroque, also called bulky.


You have four choices as to how you would like the necklace delivered to the address of your choice.

The standard packaging is in a ziplock plastic bag with a certificate of authenticity.

You may then choose to have it bagged in one of three colors.

Blue, Gold or Pink.

blue organza bag gold organza bag pink organza bag

These are organza bags with a ribbon tie. The certificate of authenticity is attached to the tie.

Choose in the option menue above. The number next to the option choice is the additional amount above the plastic bagged price.