About us – Poland's Best Amber

About us

This store is family owned and operated. Five people work in house providing you personal service. Warehousing, site maintenance and other tasks are outsourced so we can focus on caring for our customers.

Having started our first website in 1996, we were some of the first people to use the Internet commercially.

Currently we maintain the following online stores: Poland's Best, Wholesale Products Poland, Etsy, CartonBuiltModels.

Additionally, we are well rated eBay and Amazon sellers.

This general store supplements our other stores and gives us the opportunity to sell a broader variety of new and used items which we could not do in our regular stores.

Buying here is to your benefit because we do not have to add to the price of the product the fees such as those that are imposed by the large auction sites and public retail sites. We pass these savings onto you. And those saving can be as much as 30%.

All email communications and phone calls are handled by the administrative office.

Administrative office hours: 0800 until 1700 Central European Time Monday through Friday.

The administrative office is closed on all Polish National Holidays.

We do not take appointments at the administrative office. We do not maintain an offline retail shop where visitors to Poland may make retail purchases.

All retail sales are done online via our website.