Baltic Amber Beads Burnished Baroque 4-5 mm - Lemon – Poland's Best Amber
Baltic Amber Beads Burnished Baroque 4-5 mm - Lemon

Baltic Amber Beads Burnished Baroque 4-5 mm - Lemon

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The most effective soothing effect beads for teething necklaces.  Because the surface is not finely polished, there are many more points for transfer of the soothing amber oils to take place.

Choose a 10 gram package at regular price, a 30 gram package at a 10% discount, a 50 gram package at a 20% discount or a 100 gram package at a 30% discount.


Here is a picture of a multi-color baby teething necklace made with these beads.

Burnished amber baby teething beads are the most effective baby teething necklace beads for transferring the soothing agents from the necklace to the baby’s skin. That is because for a given bead size there are more points at which the oils may leave the bead and contact the skin.

The beads are a small beads with diameter generally being 4 to 5.5 mm. There are some larger and some smaller. The bead count is approximately 100 to 135 beads per 10 g.

They are drilled and ready to be string on the necklace.

These beads are formed from pure natural Baltic Amber.   When classified in accordance with the official classification guidelines for Amber as published by the international Amber Association Gdansk Poland, they are classified as natural Baltic Amber.

These beads are often, incorrectly, called raw Amber beads. They are shaped in a tumbler. The raw amber coating is removed as the bead is shaped.  So it cannot be classified as raw.  But they are pure Baltic amber – the best amber in the world for teething necklaces.