Baby Teething Necklace Rainbow Bulky Baroque Beads – Poland's Best Amber
Baby Teething Necklace Rainbow Bulky Baroque Beads

Baby Teething Necklace Rainbow Bulky Baroque Beads

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  • Pure Natural Baltic Amber For Maximum Soothing
  • Single Safety Tested Strand With Individual Knots Between Beads
  • Safety Screw Clasp Assures Maximum Security
  • Comes With Certificate Of Authenticity

    This necklace is about 32 cm (about 12.6 inches) from screw clasp tip to tip.  The beads are baroque, also called bulky.

    The necklace ships directly from Poland by one of the largest suppliers of teething necklaces in Eastern Europe.

    For centuries women in the Baltic countries have been using amber necklaces to sooth infant teething pain. Amber is a 50 million year old fossilized resin from now extinct pine trees Pinus Succinifera. It started as sap that sealed the wounds of the ancient trees, destroyed bacteria, drove off invading insects, acted as a fungicide, took inflammation from the tree and healed the wounds. Today, even in its petrified form, it is still healing, soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

    The ancients called it magical. Modern science has since proven that it is the succinic acid that amber contains which is absorbed by the body when amber oils are released by body heat. Succinic acid in non volatile, odorless, colorless, and generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration. It is now manufactured commercially for use in pain killing medications and cosmetics.

    How Amber Health Necklaces Work

    Your body heats the amber necklace and the low body heat causes a very effective, slow transfer of the oils and amber acid. These cling to and soak into your skin taking with them the natural chemicals that benefit your body.

    Natural Baltic Amber necklaces, made from raw, Amber, have been worn for centuries in Poland because of their magical powers. Their powers were described as magical by people who lived in the times before anyone knew about things such as acids and antibiotics.

    There are no medical tests proving teething necklaces work. Just centuries of experience.