Amber Ointment Massage Cream – Poland's Best Amber
Amber Ointment Massage Cream

Amber Ointment Massage Cream

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  • Analgesic, improves blood flow and helps deliver oxygen to muscles and joints
  • Strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces the feeling of heavy legs, lactic acid buildup
  • Speeds the healing and absorption of under-skin bruises
  • Heals strained muscles
  • Prevents varicose veins

Amber cream is a result of modern technology and modern knowledge of herbal remedies and alternative medicine cures.

The primary active ingredient in amber cream is the succinic acid that is contained in the amber powder within the cream. The cream itself is made up of herbal extracts that have their own beneficial effects on the body.

Use of amber cream as a massage cream provides all the benefits of amber powder with the additional benefit that the cream base holds the amber powder in place improving the overall long-term effects.

Whereas amber powders may be brushed off or otherwise removed from the body very quickly, the amber cream adhers allowing for a more effective transfer of succinic acid to the body.

This amber herbal massage cream contains a unique composition of extracts from herbs: horse chestnut, arnica, thyme, common sea-buckthorn and micronized amber.

50 ml/1.69 fl.oz

Here is what one of our customers said:

Have applied the Amber massage cream, already feel less pain in my knees (had 8 knee surgeries during my younger years/resulted in a form of Arthritis/flare-ups with cold weather/will try the Oil bef. bed time.)