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Pierogi Maker Plus Small Dumplig Form for Uszka - Poland's Best Home & Hobby
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How to use a dumpl;ng form

Pierogi And Uszka Makers

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Make delicious homemade pierogi and dumplings for the holidays. With the capability of making 14 pierogi per minute and 55 dumplings at a time, you can make enough of these perfect delicacies for a large gathering in a short time. Do something different: have a pierogi party. Invite some people over to make any pierogi. Let the kids get involved. Make any pierogi and make enough for people to take home.

This package consists of one Pierogi Maker and one Small Dumpling Maker.

Pierogi are rated as the most popular food in Poland. This tool, very popular, in Poland, saves the Polish pierogi makers a lot of time as they make their families pierogi. You find it in Polish kitchens all over the country.

The pierogi form makes the most popular pierogi sized 3 by 1 ¼ inch and the dumpling form makes round 1 inch uszka.

Both forms are very easy to use – even by the kids – and you can make perfect pierogi every time, even if you have never made them before. It makes for great family fun when everyone can get involved and make perfect pierogi.

You make 14 perfect pierogi at a time. And you can make 14 in a minute. The dumpling maker makes 55 uszka at a time that are served with borscht. You can also make  pot stickers, varenki, ravioli, won ton, fried dumplings, mandoo, kreplach, empanadas.

Made in Poland, these have been tested for quality by the Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce Online. They are dishwasher safe unbreakable polystyrene, and carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage. They won't scratch your counter top or break glass when you store them. Being light and flat, you can hang them on a wall or easily store them in a drawer.

How To Use These Kitchen Helpers

1) Sprinkle the form generously with flour so that the dough doesn't stick

2) Lay the dough over the form.

3) Add filling to the naturally forming pockets.

4) Put another layer of dough over the top.

4) Seal and separate the dumplings by running a rolling pin over the top.

5) Pop the the dumplings out of the form and into a pot of boiling water and serve.