Tick Collar For Dogs – Poland's Best Amber
Tick Collar For Dogs

Tick Collar For Dogs

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The collar is made of natural amber chips 10-13 mm strung on a strong wire with a metal chain to adjust the lenght. The amber collar is 12 inches (30 cm) and with the chain the collar extends another 5 inch (12 cm).

Baltic Amber, a natural product, is the oldest healing stone in Europe.

The ancients said it had magical powers. Today the acceptance of their ideas about the natural healing powers of Baltic Amber is increasing as more and more is learned of the beneficial effects on humans and animals that are exposed to treatments involving Amber.

Natural Baltic Amber is increasingly used in cosmetics, home your pathetic medicine, wellness and pet products.

Because of its natural origin Amber is able to act on animals as well as humans.

In Europe Amber necklaces for dogs and cats are used as so-called "tick cords".

Though first looked at by people skeptically, customer feedback to the Amber manufacturers confirms that there is a positive influence on their four-legged friends.

Though primarily used to prevent tick bites, customers insist on Amber's effectiveness against other unpleasant visitors in the animal's coat.

Amber works in a couple ways.

As the Amber is heated by the animal's body, it releases natural succinic acid and other oils like camphor and sulfur as well as natural Amber oil.

And because when Amber rubs on for it develops a static electric charge, it discourages ticks from lodging themselves in the skin.

These Amber had necklaces are made of the most effective natural Baltic Amber – untreated, unpolished, tightly packed beads that leave no room between them for cooling so that when the body heats the Amber it diffuses its oils most effectively.