Amber Chips By 100 Gram Bags – Poland's Best Amber
Amber Chips By 100 Gram Bags
Amber Chips By 100 Gram Bags

Amber Chips By 100 Gram Bags

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Natural Baltic Amber Chips - A 250 gram package.
  • Pure, unprocessed Natural Baltic Amber for best results
  • Comes to you direct from Poland on the Baltic Sea
  • High succinic acid content allows use several times
  • Fine grind to make the best amber tinctures with no waste
  • Large pack 100 grams of Natural Baltic Amber chips
  • Authentic, centuries old amber tincture recipes and instructions included

These are raw, Natural Baltic Amber chips that at 5 to 8 mm or so in maximum diameter. 

Ideal For:
  • Decorative Crafts
  • DIY Amber Trees
  • DIY Necklaces And Bracelets
  • Amber Tinctures
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Decorating Handbags And Blouses
Wholesale 1.5 kilogram packages are available at Wholesale Amber Chips