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Amber And Silver Jewelry Catalogs

Amber And Silver Jewelry Catalogs

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Amber And Silver Jewelry Catalogs

Get amber and silver company jewelry catalogs, recommended manufacturer contact information, a business package and selected amber catalogs.

Amber Company Contact Information

A list of companies recommended by The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland as reliable companies that deal only in genuine Baltic Amber. You get complete contact information to 46 companies with phone, email web sites and addresses.

This list will put you in contact with companies that are selected because of their reliability and supply of quality jewelry made only with Natural Baltic Amber.

Amber Buyers Information Package

There is a lot to the Amber And Silver Jewelry Business. In order to save you time and help you get the best products and service, included is some additional information that is sure to be of interest and value to you. It is based on our own years of experience as amber buyers and sellers.

 check  How To Get The Best Prices

check  How To Use An Amber Buying Service

check  How To Get A Good Startup Collection

check  How To Guarantee Quality

check  How To Be Able To Identify Counterfeit Amber

check  How To Best Ship Amber

check  Amber Buying Tips and Techniques

Free Continuing Catalog Update Service

The amber and silver jewelry business is dynamic and fast moving. Styles change, designers make new pieces and discontinue slow movers. And you have to know what is going on.

So to help you, as part of this package, you get free, continuing updates to the catalogs. Each time we update anything in this package, we will notify you that you can download the updated information. If you change email addresses, you can contact us at your pleasure and we will get the update information to you.

Selected Catalogs

You get a series of selected catalogs from members of The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland. Here is a preview.


catalog 1

Classic Jewelry Collection

Classic designs in cast silver and amber jewelry. You find everything from earrings to trinkets.

This factory is one of the largest supplier of amber and silver jewelry to retailers that need a broad cross section of product that can be conveniently ordered from one reputable supplier.

This catalog section contains 41 pages.



main jewelry catalog

Contemporary Jewelry Collection

For those who want to offer a beautiful collection of contemporary designs, these cast silver and amber designs are a fine choice.

And you get a big choice.

This catalog section contains 46 pages




classic catalog

Classic Plus

Another fine listing of cast silver and amber jewelry that would generally be considered using classic designs. But in fact it is a bit more contemporary.

The selections are really quite impressive.

This catalog section contains 11 pages



uq jewelry

Hand Set

A collection of modern amber pendants and earrings, sets and individual pieces.

This catalog section contains 9 pages.






unique jewelry


A collection of modern amber pendants and earrings.

This catalog section contains 19 pages.






string jewelry catalog


Amber and other gem stones, as well as silver all "string mounted.

Unique and attractive.

This catalog section contains 19 pages.





small stones catalog

Small Stones

Modern bracelets, pendants, earrings and necklaces designed around smaller stones

This catalog section contains 14 pages.






catalog elegance


The pendants and earrings here can only be described as elegant.

There are available in cherry, cognac, lemon and green.

This catalog section contains 7 pages





delicate catalog


The designs here as just as it says - delicate.

The light reflecting off the fractals in these stones make them very attractive.

This section contains 14 pages.





magnificent catalog


A collection of beautiful amber stones placed in magnificent hand made silver settings.

A truly beautiful collection.

This catalog section contains 14 pages