Custom Wholesale Bead Offer - Burnished Beads By The Bag – Poland's Best Amber
Custom Wholesale Bead Offer - Burnished Beads By The Bag

Custom Wholesale Bead Offer - Burnished Beads By The Bag

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Burnished Baltic amber beads with a beautiful mat finish in sizes and colors of your choice.

Choose from any of the burnished beads that sell in our store for $24.00 . The available colors are: butterscotch, lemon, honey, cognac and cherry. Available sizes are 4-5 mm baroque and 6-7 mm baroque.

Add this item (the one you are reading about now) to your shopping cart. When you do, you will have to choose one of the available options which are 30, 50 or 100 grams.

In the comments section of your order form please tell us which beads you have chosen.

All beads are provided in 10 gram packages.

Price for 30 grams represents 10% discount from retail price.

Price for 50 grams represents 20% discount from retail price.

Price for 100 grams represents 30% discount from retail price.

Burnished amber beads are the most effective beads for transferring the soothing agents from the necklace to your skin. That is because for a given bead size there are more points at which the succinic acid may leave the bead and contact the skin.

Use these beads to make your own jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rosaries. Fix your broken pieces or make new creations.

Baltic amber beads are warm to touch and they warm up more when worn on bare skin. The amber then gives off succinic acid which is proven to have positive influence on human body. “Warming up amber changes ionization, positively influencing our frame of mind and rebuilding the disturbed electrostatic field” - Amber in Therapeutics by Gabriela Gierlowska.

The beads come from an amber bead manufacturer certified by the International Amber Association and The Polish Amber Chamber of Commerce and are genuine and pure Baltic amber.